WEEK 1 (Date of the Activity: _______________)

Please record and evaluate the student’s activities for the session:

• Understanding of the lesson

• Daily application of the lesson

• Prayer in view of the lesson

• Place stickers on the student’s booklet for each time the student reads Today’s Scripture.

Goal of the Lesson: We can learn that God keeps his promises to us.

Today’s Scripture: Luke 1:5-38, 57-58; 2:1-7

Today’s Verse: For no word from God will ever fail. (Luke 1:37 NIV)

Cartoon Strip:

1) Zechariah: Oh, God! Please send the Savior.
Elizabeth: Please send the Savior you promised.

The elderly Zechariah and Elizabeth waited for the Savior for a long time.

2) Zechariah: How can I have a baby when I am so old?
Angel: God will give you a son who will be named John

3) Zechariah, who had no faith in what the angel said, became mute and could not speak.

4) Mary: Who are you? I, an unmarried woman, will have a baby?
Angel: Mary! Fear not! You will have a son and name him Jesus!

5) Mary: Yes! I have faith that what you say will happen.
Angel: God on high will help you. Your relative Elizabeth also has a baby.

6) Zechariah: God always keeps his promises! Yes, of course!

Elizabeth was very old, but she still had a baby son like God promised.

7) Woman: How did she have a baby when she is so old?
Man: God Almighty can do anything!

8) Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem for the census.

9) Mary: Joseph! I think the baby is coming out! Ah!
Joseph: Hello! Excuse me! Is there an empty room?
Innkeeper: I’m sorry, but there are no empty rooms. How about a manger?

10) Mary: God has sent Jesus to us!
Joseph: Jesus will save us.

Send a Text Message:

“(Name). Let’s spend the week waiting and praying for God’s promise.”

Tip on Special Education:

Positive reinforcement: one can use incentives to promote good behavior

Material incentives: things or foods the student likes
Behavioral incentives: pat on the back, a hug, giving a compliment, giving a high-five

Solve a Word or a Phrase:

Promise: A declaration that one will do something in the future

Step 1: Solve Today’s Scripture.

1) Who did Zechariah and Elizabeth wait for?

Savior. Explain that Savior means “one who saves”.

2) What happened because Zechariah did not believe?

He became mute and could not speak. Explain that the message an angel delivers is from God. So if you do not believe what the angel is saying, that is the same thing as not believing in what God is saying.

3) Elizabeth was old but like God promised, she had a baby son.
Explain that when a woman becomes old, she cannot have children.

4) God sent the Savior Jesus just as he promised to us.

Explain that Jesus is the only one that can save us.

Step 2: Think About What We Have Learned.

1) What are some promises of God that appear in the Bible?

To Abraham: God promised that he would bless him if he left his homeland and he gave a 100-year old Abraham a son named Isaac.
To Hannah: He heard the barren Hannah’s prayers and gave her a son named Samuel.

2) What did John the Baptist have to do?

He had to prepare the way for Jesus; witness about God’s salvation and Jesus’ arrival; and preach that Jesus was the Savior and the Lamb of God who was to bear the weight of the world’s sins.

Step 3: Apply the Scripture.

1) What are some behaviors that do not please God?
#1 Answer: Explain how Noah, Abraham, and Mary still believed in God’s promises even in difficult situations.

2) Please share about a time when you believed, prayed and waited for God’s promises.
Discuss students’ experiences related to the question. Use the Application card to implement and apply the key point of the lesson to their everyday lives.

Step 4: Pray.

God, please give us the faith to believe and anticipate that your promises will be fulfilled.

Key Point of the Lesson: Teach the students that if we pray in faith and believe in God’s promises that our prayers will eventually be answered.

Application of the Lesson: Remember to be people of prayer
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  • 2015-12-19 19:02
    When you look at the Bible, God has kept all of his promises from the beginning of time. The only promise he has not kept, but will keep, is the promise of Jesus' second coming. Since we know that God will keep his promise, we must be ready and eagerly wait for Jesus to return.

  • 2015-12-19 19:13
    Even when things seem impossible, God has a way of keeping his promises. By having faith and abiding in his word, the prayers and requests made to him are a way of showing that he keeps his promises and answers to us.

  • 2015-12-19 20:46
    No matter what, we must believe in God, Even the impossible is possible if we just place our faith in him and pray.

  • 2015-12-19 20:55
    Prayer is so important because not only is it a way for God to reveal himself to us through his promises, but also a way for us to talk to the God of the universe. One of the big foundations in being a disciple of Jesus is prayer.