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일반게시판 (Guest Forum)

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332 6/11/17 Bible Study
Jun 10, 2017 5
Not only did I need Jesus to come down to this earth because of my weak faith, so i could have a ressurection of faith, but also because he died in place of me on that cross. Sometimes Jesus is just an idea that pushes me forward, but I want...  
331 6/4/17 Bible Study
Jun 03, 2017 6
Today I was reminded about the sinful woman who was forgiven by Jesus. I learned that because she was forgiven much, as she was a prostitute, she learned to love and give back to Jesus what she had been forgiven of. As a result, she loved Je...  
330 5/28/17 Bible Study
May 27, 2017 11
I want to be like the Samaritan woman, a person who willingly and joyfully obeys the Word of God. Usually I find myself compromising and sometimes doing his will out of a routine and lackluster heart. However, I want to be a man filled with ...  
329 5/21/17 Bible Study
May 20, 2017 13
I was reminded today that the kingdom of God belongs to those with a child-like heart. To me, that means not only being mature but having a heart that marvels at everything God does, whether old or new alike. I want a heart that is so awestr...  
328 5/14/17 Bible Study
May 13, 2017 12
Evangelism is an aspect of my walk with God that I am struggling a bit. I find it really hard sometimes just to stop by to a person randomly and tell him or her about Jesus. Although this is essentially what God calls me to do, I often compr...  
327 Bible study
May 07, 2017 11
Today in Luke 19:1-10, I learned that Jesus loves everyone. He evangelizes to everyone and he even loves people that no one    likes. I will always love God and evangelize to my friends that doesn't know Jesus. God give me heart that is lovi...  
326 Bible Study 5/7/17 2
May 07, 2017 11
This week, I would like to be more patient with sinners just like how Jesus was with Zaccheus. In the story of Zaccheus meeting Jesus, Zaccheus was an infamous tax collector who stole from his tax payers, in which that made him infamous. How...  
325 Zaccheus Meets Jesus 1
Erika Kim
May 07, 2017 12
It's always hard for me to evangelize to my friends and family who don't believe in Jesus. It seems to be easier to evangelize to people you don't know and in another language than the people I am closest to. I've been on several missions bu...  
324 Anita 07 2
May 07, 2017 14
We should be like Zaccheus. We should repent for all the sins. Zaccheus Knew that everyone hated him but he had to do his work for his own gain. As soon as he saw jesus, Zaccheus confessed all his sins and his heart was renewed. Our hearts s...  
323 5/7 Bible Study Application
Pamela Yo
May 07, 2017 10
I consider myself to be an average person, and I feel that I don't have to be special in a way to have Jesus want to meet me. He loves me, and I love him. That should be a good enough reason for Jesus to meet with everyone.  
322 Bible
May 07, 2017 11
jesus is the all mighty. Without him we are nothing. We need to thank Jesus for the amazing thing she has down for us. Awn. Praise god.   
321 5/7/17 Bible Study 2
Erika Kim
May 07, 2017 15
The important verse is Luke 8:50 "But when Jesus heard what had happened, he said to Jairus, 'Don't be afraid. Just have faith and she will be healed.'" Jesus' words are always the right words, no matter what the world says. I can do all thi...  
320 5/19/17 Bible Study 2
May 06, 2017 12
Today I learned that by believing, miracles can happen, just as the synagogue leader Jairus had faith in Jesus that his daughter would be healed. In the same way, I want to keep on trusting in Jesus, especially when times get tough and it ge...  
319 4/30/17 Bible Study
Erika Kim
Apr 30, 2017 12
When I pray, I do believe that God will answer my prayers, but sometimes there is that little thread of doubt that it won't happen. So, as a defense mechanism for myself I pray to God that it's okay if it's not in His will to happen. I want ...  
318 4/30/17 Bible Study
Apr 29, 2017 10
Today I learned that this miracle that Jesus performed was very special because he did not need to do special things. Instead, the blind man's faith did everything, and since he believed and desired to be healed of his blindness more than an...  
317 4/23/17 Bible Study 1
Erika Kim
Apr 23, 2017 11
The key words of this lesson are that Jesus is the light, the Messiah, the Son of Man, and from God. Teaching my student at Jesus' Light should not be about the stories I tell from the Bible about healings and the many miracles Jesus did, bu...  
316 4/23/17 Bible Study
Apr 22, 2017 9
Today I learned that God uses every single person. The blind, the mentally disabled, and "ordinary" people that don't believe that they can doing something great in their lives. However, I learned that God brought every single person on this...  
315 4/16/17 Bible Study 2
Augustine Lee
Apr 16, 2017 12
Today is the day Jesus rose from the dead. Because he resurrected and defeated the power of death, I too can live a life of power, freedom, and hope.  
314 Jesus Dies On The Cross 1
Apr 15, 2017 12
From this bible study, I learned that I must forgive others just like how Jesus has forgiven my sins. Even though Jesus wasn't guilty, he loved me so much that he was willing to die for me. I must work towards becoming more like Jesus and re...  
313 Bible Study 4/9/17 1
Apr 09, 2017 12
This week, I would like all of us to give all of our hardships and pains to Jesus, instead of keeping those hardships and pains inside us and moving on with life and ignoring Jesus. From experience, I have found that keeping hardships in you...